Summer Sun

Warmth as the sun creeps over the mountains high,
Dark becomes light, and wet becomes dry.
Unworthy am I to question why,
And powerless am I to attempt to deny
Those first rays of light to creep through the trees,
That sweet summer scent carried through the morning breeze,
Coated in nature, yet I shan’t sneeze;
Do nothing but admire, as I please,
That warm summer sun, smiling from above,
That makes me feel peace, content and love.
I walk naked, no shoes nor gloves,
Surrounded by Lions, Angels and Doves.

Frost as the moon replaces the sun,
Where there was plenty there now is none.
Frightened, cold and alone, I run
Till this gloom of winter is done.
How sorry I am for what I have said,
To have caused cold chills to devour warm red,
Because of me our precious summer is dead,
And we are left with this winter of lead.
All I ask is your forgiveness my friend,
For you to accept me once more, and send
This winter away forever, and then
We can enjoy summer together again.
I wrote this back in 2009 as a poetic apology to a friend that I offended. It uses a bit of symbolism and a few pretty strong metaphors. The strongest one obviously being the juxtaposition between ‘sun’ and ‘moon’, ‘summer’ and ‘winter’, ‘warmth’ and ‘cold’ and ‘happiness’ to ‘sadness’. Even now, I still like this poem actually and think it was pretty good.