My Blue Shell

Drowning in blinding light, when it all began.
I gasped for air, swept it up,
like waves on the sand.
I cried at first – I didn’t know
what I was doing here.
I had awoken from a nightmare.
Dark clouds. Fear.

The gate slammed shut. I walked into the breeze.
I cast down my chains and iron.
I had done it – I was free.
Yet pain continued to torment
my naked feet upon the sand.
Scalding. Burning.
My feet and my hands.

I gave it to the blue – all I had as well.
It took it all and let me be,
leaving just a shell.
I took the blue shell from the ground,
pressed her to my ear.
Then I heard her whisper to me,
“Don’t worry, Dear.”

“All this time you’ve been alone, just because you’re blue.”
I whispered back, “How could you know?”
She whispered, “I am, too.”
So now I always have a breeze,
When bad things start to dwell.
I walk with her inside my pocket;
My own – My Blue Shell.

I wrote this poem in March, 2014. I was really inspired by the scenery of the beach at Hervey Bay and wanted to write something. What does it mean? Well, that’s up to you. I made a video for this poem though and put it on youtube, here: