Below is an assortment of links to a bunch of sites. Some of them contain resources for your projects, others contain learning material and others contain other developer tools and such. In any case, all of the stuff I put here has been useful for me in some way and / or I hope it will be useful to whomever might be reading this page.

Note: If you’re a student studying Technologies for Web Applications at UWS, you should be careful reading this list as there are some web resources here that you are not allowed to use. If you want to use any of this stuff in your personal projects or something outside of uni, that’s fine. But everything you submit as part of your university work must be your own 99% of the time. If you’re a student at UWS, want to use something listed here and are not sure, feel free to email me. Everyone else, enjoy!

Project Resources


FlashMo is a website that provides a surprisingly large collection of free Flash templates to use in your projects. They are usually quite versatile and I know that I’ve used quite a few of them in my web projects. Much appreciated!


TemplateMo is a site similar to Flashmo, but provides a bunch of free HTML/CSS templates instead of Flash ones. A great resource for web developers. Thanks guys!

Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeod provides a whole assortment of royalty free soundtracks at his website. They’re all of a really high quality and come in a whole range of genres. They’re a great help for any game, animation or any other situation where you might need royalty free soundtracks. Thanks Kevin!

George W. Clingerman

George Clingerman is the creator and owner of a bunch of sprites located here. They’re quite good and a great help to anyone making a 2D game. Thanks mate!

Ari Feldman

Ari is the creator of a graphics package called SpriteLib available Here . Its a great resource to have for 2D game development. Thanks Ari!

Open ClipArt

Open ClipArt is a project that has collected a huge range of different Clip Art style graphics and compiled them into a single distribution package available here. Useful in a range of different projects. Thanks guys!

Photo Vaco

Photo Vaco has a collection of free photos that can be used in a range of projects. There’s quite a range of different kinds of stock photos that you can use, and they’re pretty much all useful in some way. I’m not sure exactly who owns the website, but thanks!

Super Fish

Superfish (despite the odd name) is actually a really cool jQuery module that let’s you put together a dynamic drop-down menu in HTML. Get it here.

YACOP (Yet Another Callout Plugin)

YACOP is a really cool jQuery module that let’s you create callouts with one line of JavaScript and about 3 lines of CSS. I think it’s really cool for error messages or notices, as opposed to a boring old label or annoying alert popup. Get it here.


Learning Resources



After Hours Programming

After Hours Programming


Game Programming Wiki

Other Dev Resources

Git for Windows

Git (with GUI) for Windows

Free, Private Git Hosting

Cloud Forge